11 Most Famous Watches Gone Missing Vol. 2
2019-08-15   Watch 101
 Let's pick up where we left. Bu before reading this article.

Be sure to check out Vol. 1 about first half of these 11 mysterious watch.


Again, there seems no shortage of Rolex gone missing,

6. Jean-Claude Killy, Rolex Dato Compex

Jean-Claude Killy, the real life representation of triumph and success.

Born 1943, won three gold medals in the men's alpine skiing competition of Grenoble Winter Olympics at the age of merely 25. 

In 1995, he became a member of the International Olympic Committee. Also former chairman of the Coordinating Committee for the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics.

He has also made great achievements in business being director of Coca-Cola and Rolex. And on the Rolex he plays more than a director.


Killy is both a Rolex director and a lifelong ambassador for Rolex. It is said that he likes to wear a Rolex chronograph Ref. 6036 (produced in the 1940s). 

For this reason, the Rolex brand deliberately named this triple date model the "Killy". Yet the one he wore was given to a friend as a wedding gift, and gone missing ever since.

7. John Lennon, Patek Philippe

Another giant we know and will always stay in our heart. 

This iconic picture of him wearing Patek Philippe Ref. 2499 that his wife Yoko Ono gifted him as 40 years old present.


Patek Philippe 2499, known as the "King Patek", is definitely what it stands for, highly sought after by collectors.

And worn by John Lennon? Price will only go up. Unfortunately, this timepiece is also missing.

8.  Fidel Castro, Rolex

Another Rolex fans that has high, I think Indelible is more suitable, social status.

Him being the legendary leader of Cuba has been spotted wearing Rolex in more than a dozen of circumstances.


As you can imagine being a ultimate Rolex fan, it wouldn't be surprising he once owned GMT Master, Datejust, Submariner. 

And dual-wearing them often, people speculate he leave them to his family as heirloom rather than missing.

9. Miles Davis, Breitling

Miles Davis is one of the most famous jazz musicians in history, nicknamed "The Dark Prince."

Unlike the above, the watch he wears is relatively common and that is Breitling Navitimer.

And of course, this one just gone puff like others in the list with no sign at all.


10. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Rolex

The 36th president of the United States. When it comes to his relationship with Rolex, it is quite interesting. The title of "President's Watch" was created directly by him.


Johnson likes to wear a Rolex yellow gold Day Date. In his presidency, Rolex's advertisement began to appear as the word "President's Watch."

Since then, people have called the Day Date worn by President Johnson as the "President's Watch." However, this watch is currently not seen anymore.


You must've found a pattern at the end of Vol. 2, don't you. 

The vast majority of these legendary watches are Rolex. And being a symbol of status is just this culture and sentiment that is unmatched by other brands.